Explainers can be in the form of an image, animation, or interactive. An audience is far more receptive and retentive of explanation done in this way. In a sense it allows them to experience, rather than just be told about the thing in question. Seeing something, and how it works locks it into the brain. X CLOSE
Infographics generally take a more illustrative approach to presenting the multiple points of data. This method is especially helpful when attempting to appeal to an audience with a small window of opportunity, or for changing the nature of the data from cold and unfeeling to something more approachable. This method also emphasises specific data-points that you would like highlighted, and draws them out to be front-and-centre. X CLOSE
This is the designed visualisation of a data-set.  Through a thorough understanding of the data, a method of visualisation is created to shed the most light possible on the data, and what it means. This can range from a simple bar graph all the way to multi-layered timelines combined with stem and leaf plots.  X CLOSE